Response To Hoylake Golf Resort September Presentation

Potential Hoylake Golf Resort LocationThe Wirral Society attended the meeting at Melrose Hall 02/09/2015 where local residents has the opportunity to hear the latest state of the Hoylake Golf Resort proposals from Council representatives.

The Wirral Society are glad that Wirral Council has been considering how to develop Hoylake and the surrounding area.

However we are greatly concerned that for the last perhaps 15 years the only idea that all the “Development Managers” at the Council could come up with is a Golf Resort. This must be questionable as it is the only idea the Council has had, and now golf is a sport in rapid decline in the UK.

We are gravely concerned that the Council no longer has a landfill site for rubbish, and exporting Wirral’s rubbish must be very costly. The Golf Resort site is mostly Council owned land and adjacent to West Kirby “recycling Centre” and the Golf Resort will need to have “hills” built. We must wonder how the taxpayers of Wirral can distinguish between an open landfill site and a Golf Resort under construction.   Hopefully if this goes ahead it will not be an excuse for a rubbish dump.

For years now the Council has defended Wirral’s Green Belt from development by showing there is sufficient available building land to meet the planned hosing demand for the next 7 or more years. At the meeting we heard that now, suddenly, the Council has less than 5 years housing land available and so development on the Green Belt will be considered, conveniently supporting the proposal for some 100 luxury homes on the Green Belt land that the Council plans to allow on the Golf Resort, presumably to finance the deal with the developer.

In summary we can see how a Council desperately looking to raise money would consider using its powers to override Green Belt legislation to grant Planning Permission for housing and a Golf Resort on land it owns. But having sold the land what will become of it?

If the Council is able to force through its inappropriate usage of the Green Belt so it can sell the “family silver” perhaps the best we can hope for is that it imposes “performance bonds” on the developers so that the developers are forced to complete the plan on time and not suddenly discover that the Golf Resort is not viable and it will all have to be use for housing or just left to be a giant landfill site.