Hoylake Golf Resort, Agricultural Land Assessment

Hoylake Golf Resort Soil Quality Assessment Needs A Rethink

Rough overlay of proposed Hoylake Golf Resort site onto map
A rough overlay of Hoylake Golf Resort on the agricultural land it seeks to occupy

The proposed ‘Hoylake’ Golf Resort development site (it actually sits outside the township of Hoylake) has as far as the Wirral Society know, always been cited as being situated on ‘low grade’ agricultural land. Indeed, Capita Symonds Needs Assessment Report commissioned by Capita Symonds for Wirral Council in 2006 Continue reading “Hoylake Golf Resort, Agricultural Land Assessment”

‘Gilroy Scrape’ Under Threat

‘Gilroy Scrape’, seconds out, round 1…

Gilroy Scrape
Photo by Richard Smith, www.deeestuary.co.uk

It has been brought to the Society’s attention about the recent environmental damage done to a piece of land that is home to wildlife and also lies within Wirral’s Green Belt. ‘Gilroy Scrape’ is located just to the North of Gilroy Road in West Kirby, adjacent to the Gilroy Nature Park and ‘The Langfields’ Continue reading “‘Gilroy Scrape’ Under Threat”

The Society questions the Council over the viability of the Golf Resort

Potential Hoylake Golf Resort LocationThe Wirral Society notes with much concern the Council’s proposal to expend a further £600,000+ in order to pay for the cost of environmental investigations for the proposed Hoylake Golf Resort. This is in addition to the Council’s recently expended sum of £260,000. We support Councillors Ellis & Watt’s concerns over the costs and viability of this project. Continue reading “The Society questions the Council over the viability of the Golf Resort”

West Wirral Issues, May 2016

Our monthly news report for West Wirral

Potential Hoylake Golf Resort LocationWe are helping the newly created Hoylake Golf Resort Committee, formed following the open meeting on the 29th March to raise awareness of the impacts of the proposed (for 15+ years) Hoylake Golf Resort. The traffic from the new road into Hoylake and the 100+ new houses will obviously impact the already busy Saughall Massie Road towards Saughall Massie ad the Motorway.

They will be holding an open meeting on Thursday 26th May at the Hoylake Chapel. All welcome, please spread the word.

We understand that the Hoylake Neighbourhood Plan has passed the approval of the Inspector and so there will be a referendum for the people of the Hoylake Neighbourhood Plan Area in the near future.

We remain very concerned that the area taken by the Hoylake Neighbourhood Plan exceeds the reasonable boundary of Hoylake, conveniently fitting in with the proposed Hoylake Golf Resort. We are further concerned that the only proposal for Hoylake in the Hoylake Neighbourhood Plan is the out of town Hoylake Golf Resort. Surely there must be ideas more focussed on regenerating the centre?

We were pleased to read that Cllr Watt (West Kirby and Thurstaston) has publically raised doubts about the Hoylake Golf Resort. A welcome comment, but we wish his Hoylake colleagues would share his views.

We still have the situation of a Council crying “poverty” reducing social services but yet able to fund the continuing Hoylake Golf Resort “scheme”!

We learn that “our” Community Fire Service are still spending our money with their plans to “merge” West Kirby and Upton fire stations into a new station at Saughall Massie, a mile down the road from Upton. This is despite the Council advising them that they need to show far better reasons for building on Green Belt land. As the service seems able to operate from Upton to cover Hoylake and West Kirby, it seems a gross waste of money to spend some £4m on a new station “just down the road”.