Hoylake Golf Resort Public Meeting

Margaret Greenwood MP Raises The Issue Wirral Council Are Reluctant To Address

As our members will already know, we are vehemently opposed to our council leader’s seemingly unstoppable quest to foist upon us, his project to build a ‘Golf Resort’ plus 200 ‘luxury’ houses on North West Wirral’s Green Belt. Rod Tann, our Chairman, wrote to Councillor Phil Davies in June asking many questions about his project, for which we are still awaiting a reply. In the meantime, the ‘Stop The Golf Resort’ group have stepped up their action to help spread the word about the Golf Resort plans to a wider demographic – with results.

Our Chairman Rod Tann, being interviewed on the BBC’s Sunday Politics show, expressing our concerns about why building has still yet to begin on thousands of Wirral Waters Project homes, which would lessen the threat to Wirral’s Green Belt.

As well as setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter account, they have been out and about Wirral collecting signatures against the development and have met with local MP, Margaret Greenwood to further reinforce her awareness about the public’s continuing opposition to the scheme. This opposition has now escalated after it has been revealed the council want to spend £50,000 of council tax payer’s money on a transport study for a new link road for Golf Resort traffic, as if enough public money hasn’t been spent already! Furthermore, the opposition to the scheme has attracted the interest of the BBC who featured it on their North West edition of the Sunday Politics show, in which they interviewed people opposing the scheme including our Chairman. Nobody from Wirral Council appeared on the programme though they did make a statement supporting the idea for tourism.

Having assessed the public feeling, Margaret Greenwood has organised a public meeting about the proposed Hoylake Golf Resort which we are hoping a council representative will attend to answer questions. Seeing as this is very much an Executive leadership project, we would expect no one less than Council Leader, Phil Davies to attend and answer questions about something that he clearly holds as a personal ambition for the area.

The meeting will take place at Hoylake Community Centre, Hoyle Road, Hoylake, CH47 3AG on Saturday 9 December between 9:30am and 11am. We sincerely hope Councillor Davies will be in attendance to explain why we should be as excited as he is about sacrificing our Green Belt for what is at the end of the day, a political initiative.

GE2017 – Party Environmental Policies

Staying informed on environmental policy

The Society tries wherever possible not to get directly involved in Party Politics, but the attitude of respective Parties to matters which are of direct concern to the Society have, of necessity, to be taken into account.

On Wirral, we face both the threat of losing our precious Green Belt to unnecessary building development and the potential exploration for coal using ‘Fracking’ drilling technology under the Dee Estuary. In accordance with our parent body, CPRE, we stand to try and protect the Wirral environment against the loss of our Green Belt and damage by exploring our precious estuary we share with North Wales from damage caused by UCG exploration. Therefore, we feel it is our duty to highlight each Political Party’s GE2017 manifesto statements on these issues.


Green Belt: Maintain the existing strong protections on designated land like the Green Belt, National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Shale Gas: Develop the shale industry in Britain.


Green Belt: warns that the green belt is “under threat”, and promises to “defend and extend existing environmental protections”, without specifically citing the Green Belt among those protections. Labour also pledge to prioritise brownfield sites for development.
Shale Gas: Ban Fracking.

Liberal Democrats

Green Belt: does not include a mention of the green belt, but pledges to “significantly increase the amount of accessible green space … and create a new designation of national nature parks to protect up to one million acres of accessible green space valued by local communities.”
Shale Gas: Oppose Fracking.


Green Belt: Protect our countryside and prioritise brownfield rather than Greenfield or agricultural land for new housing.
Shale Gas: Invest in shale gas exploration.

Green Party

Green Belt: Strong protection for the Green Belt, National Parks, SSSIs and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Shale Gas: End Fracking.

These are brief summaries and it would seem there is cross-party consensus on the value of our green spaces. However, the fact that a body like CPRE can see no reason for being less proactive is a reminder that we must remain vigilant, despite what the manifestos say!